Hey guys, it’s unfortunately time to bump my prices. Student loan repayments are about to hit me with all the force of a category five hurricane, so I appreciate any business I can get. My art is still my only means of income, and I’m incredibly grateful (and flabbergasted) that I’ve been able to waddle through five months of unemployment with support from print sales and freelance work.

As of this moment onward I will be taking commissions at the pricing listed above. If you previously submitted to my commission queue and I haven’t gotten back to you about your request, I unfortunately cannot take on your commission at my previous pricing. If you would like to continue to reserve your spot despite the price increase, just let me know.

With that said, I will only be taking on five commissions at a time. All slots are currently open. To request a commission, please send the following information to ahoyt9@gmail.com:

All commissions $40 and above can be sent as a physical print, if desired.

I’m fine with NSFW (18+), gore/body horror, mecha, etc.. I’m not great with furry stuff, but I’ll do my best. Paypal only. Do not send money until I have confirmed your spot. Half before/half after payment schedule.

Thanks guys! Be sure to check out my storenvy too. Helps a ton!